Pragmatic TDD training

Stop writing excuses and start writing tests. Two day training course for PHP developers.

Learn concepts of testing - differentiate integration and unit test, know what mocks are and when to use them, how to avoid testing database and recognize when it might be useful. All concepts are explained and demonstrated via PHPUnit, but they are easily applicable in other tools such as Codeception or PHPSpec.

Create culture of testing

Developers still hesitate to include writing tests in their everyday routine. There are numerous excuses, myths and misconceptions around:

“they slow us down”,

“we’ll never achieve 100% code coverage, so why bother”,

“takes too much time to learn testing, we’re better of writing business logic instead”

When we get to the topic of writing tests first, the debate becomes even more heated.

Let us learn together how to use PHPUnit and TDD in most efficient way possible, with practical and real world examples, for extraordinary results.

After this training you will be more comfortable writing tests, you will have a deeper understanding what are the benefits and you will get more comfortable coding and refactoring.

Training concept

This training is practical work heavy - around 80% involves coding through small projects such as simple API wrapper or building sports league scoring system.

To make it easier and to create the best possible environment for learning, provisioned VM is provided, along with Github repo and materials in PDF.

Target audience

This workshop is for developers who start their projects by drawing model of the database first, developers who are overwhelmed by number of testing tools or don’t know where to start and developers who simply want to level up their game.

Convince your boss!

Having a hard time convincing your manager or head of HR? Show them this box or send them whole PDF.
Pragmatic TDD training promo PDF in [Croatian] or [English]

Return on investment

Increase developer satisfaction
Investing in developers increases their satisfaction and that makes them reluctant to leave. New developers are much easier to attract.

Less bugs, less problems
Most problems are caught and resolved during development, avoiding additional costs and unpleasant calls from a client.

Simpler maintenance
Well tested applications are easier to maintain, which directly saves development hours and increases company's competitiveness.

Sounds interesting?

Let's talk! Drop me an email. I have options ready for single developers, larger groups or in house trainings.