Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!

Being a developer in 2014. you can no longer ignore the importance of testing your applications.

In tutorials, writing tests is easy and test driven development is piece a cake. In reality, we are usually dealing with bloated applications, legacy code and hand-me-down projects.

Codeception makes testing easier and something you want to start doing, no matter what horrible spaghetti code you have in a background. Also, it simplifies writing tests to the point where it is not only developers, but easily your managers, bosses, sales or even clients job.

See for yourself what Codeception currently has to offer, what are future development plans and discover some real project experiences with using it.

PHP T-Day 2014

I am testing, therefore I code - conference dedicated to inform participants about modern testing methods, trends, and best practices.

PhpDay 2014

With only 5h drive from Zagreb, PhpDay in Verona is well worth a trip. Sharing some Codeception love to Italian developers.

ViennaPHP May Gathering

ZgPHP members were on the road again! Did a little detour before Verona, visiting ViennaPHP user group. Great place, pizza and beer, bit envy of how Sebastian runs user group.