Dashboards for devops and other web folks

Importance of monitoring key aspects of your web application and organizing gathered data so you can instinctively react and fix problems.

It would be nice if devops could sit down with web applications and discuss their feelings over cup of coffee. Instead, they have to jump through hoops and figure out what is going on by using tools such as StatsD/Graphite, Nagios, Cacti, New relic and many others.

Successful data collection is only half of the solution. Presenting real time data in a way that it intuitively shows you that something is different and aiding you in pinpointing problem makes up other half.

Talk will focus on importance of monitoring web applications and give advice on how to organize your dashboard for quick reactions. Find out tips and tricks as well as what impact had running a dashboard monitor on overall project performance.

WebCamp 2016 Ljubljana

Speaking how application monitoring fits into web development lifecycle and why more people should do it.