What to do when client wants to serve 110 million requests from a VPS?

Soft skills and development tricks are killer combo to make every customer happy

Find out how to combine soft skills and developer tricks to end up with a happy client and a solution that can handle tens of thousands of requests per minute.

Audience re-lives the journey from one insane client request to finished product that doesn't need much resources at all, but rather one cleverly configured server (ngnix + memcache).

Along the way, you will see possible approaches on how to handle caching requests with geolocation component, as well as learn from mistakes that we made.

ZgPHP meetup #28

Repeat of Novi Sad session for home ZgPHP audience in Mama. Got some swag from wogibtswas.at to give away. Check out the video (HR only)

PHPSrbija #2

PHPSerbia decided to host their 2nd meetup in Novi Sad and this was the perfect opportunity for visit. Talk focused on both client relationship and technical solution. Lots of questions from audience that helped me tweak talk for next time.