PHPBenelux 2016 is just around the corner, have you started making plans yet?

tl;dr; Going to PHPBenelux, leaving at Jan 27th, returning on Jan 31st.

Notes from #SOLIDay

Tried to capture little bit of atmosphere from PHP conference devoted to software architecture and best programming practices.

Recording talks on ZgPHP user group meetups

Brain dump about technical stuff around video recording and editing and little bit about benefits of having every user group talk published online.

Automate your Sculpin publishing

After Sculpin proved himself to be a team player, I wondered if we could make him do one more thing — together with Travis CI, take care of our deployments.

Positive side effects of using Sculpin

Few weeks ago, we relaunched our ZgPHP user group website. It brought some changes and one very positive effect that we did not expect.

PHP T-Day in Belgrade

PHPSerbia crew have a excellent track record of organizing quality conferences and meetups, so attending this event was really a no-brainer. Together with Goran, Nikola and fellow speaker Ivan we formed a small ZgPHP delegation and headed of to Belgrade.

PHPBenelux 2015 is just around the corner, have you started making plans yet?

True. There is still a big part of 2014 left. And yes, there are many great conferences to attend in the following months. But there are great conferences scheduled for early 2015 that can be potentially missed, with PHPBenelux being one of them.